Future for KIDS provides a nonprofit leadership experience for students interested in a professional growth experience.  An internship with Future for KIDS provides students the opportunity to explore and learn through hands on experience.  Students are assigned projects that relate to their major and specific areas of interest.  All interns serve the mission of our organization and work directly with youth in our Discover Your Future Program for 6 months to a year (each internship can be catered to your needs).  The goal for each student is to have a better understanding of their strengths and skills to guide them in their career path.

Program Management Internship

Designed to provide an organization wide hands-on leadership experience. Candidates must be available a min. of 16 hours per week (8-10 office hours and 6 hours serving the mission).

Field Internship

Serve as a mentor in the Discover Your Future Program gaining hands-on youth program experience. Candidates must be available a min. of 6 hours per week to serve the mission.

Public Relations & Marketing Internship

Help Future for KIDS implement social media & marketing strategies to increase brand awareness. Candidates must be available 10-15 hours per week.