What People are Saying About Us

Michelle S. (Mentor)

Future for KIDS is an amazing organization! I am learning so much every day I spend in the office and out in the field. The other volunteer mentors I have worked with are great people and are so dedicated to the organization. The youth participants show up every week with smiles from ear-to-ear… A true testament to how amazing Future for KIDS is!

Julie B. (Mentor)

I started volunteering with Future for KIDS just over one month ago, and I have already loved working with them. The staff is very friendly and flexible, and it is obvious that they are dedicated to improving the lives of kids involved in the program. As my first time mentoring youth, this organization has inspired me to continue working with kids and volunteering in the community.

Marissa C. (Mentor)

Mentoring is so worth it to me because I’ve learned SO much from the kids at my site. I look forward to Wednesday’s, just because I get to see them. No matter what is going on, they will always break a smile when they see us in the afternoon.

Zarinah D. (Mentor)

My favorite part about being a mentor is that you can see the confidence & strength growing within each child each week. As a mentor seeing that light glowing within each child’s eyes could uplift anyone’s day it especially did mine.

Vivian Y. (Mentor)

The kids are so energetic every week & are all so unique and different. This program is an awesome experience!

Tom D. (Mentor)

Mentoring in FFK’s programs has been an extremely rewarding experience for me and I feel blessed to be invited to participate.

Zoe Q. (Mentor)

Being a mentor is not just a responsibility, it is also a great learning opportunity. I have learned so much from the kids I’ve mentored, and other mentors I’ve worked with. Without the kids, I would never know how much an impact I could have on others.

Frank P. (Mentor)

It is my pleasure to serve as a mentor.  Every week it is exciting to see the kids have so much fun and learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kristin A. (Board Member)

I began mentoring with Future for KIDS this school year and have had a wonderful experience! I truly enjoy spending time with the kids, and the support that comes from the other mentors, program leads, and program management is fabulous. FFK also makes it a point to plan fun social and educational events for mentors and program staff to mingle, get to know one another better, and share our individual experiences with one another so that we can all learn from them and provide the best support possible to the children that we work with. I look forward to continuing to work with Future for KIDS.

Courtney J. (Board Member)

I work as a mentor for Future for KIDS and I cannot say enough about the foundation. I spend two hours a week with the kids going over homework, reading, discussing important ethics topics and engaging them in a sport or another physical activity. The kids are amazing and they each have their own personality and abilities. I love to see them learn, play and even get frustrated sometimes with homework, but be able to work through it and really thrive. I love walking into the classroom each week and witnessing how excited they are that we get to hang out that day. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Andrew G. (Board Member)

I have been associated with Future for Kids for over 14 years now as a volunteer, mentor, and now a board member. The impact that this organization has within the community is immeasurable. I have seen organizational reach go from 4 kids in 1 after school program helping them with their homework to multiple locations that serve over 1,000 children per year in helping them develop their minds, bodies, and character. I could not be more proud and impressed with the success of this organization and the positive influence that it has on the youth of Arizona. Future for Kids has helped me to grow and give back to the community in a way that I never knew possible. I am honored to serve with this incredible organization.

Jennifer R. (Mentor)

Future for KIDS has been an organization that has grown very close to me within the past year. Not only do I love what I do for the kids but the staff that work their hardest to show their appreciation for us volunteers has exceeded my expectations. I have never met a group of workers who have shown as much appreciation as the FFK staff do for their volunteers. The FFK organization is a place that I feel so many people can learn & grow from not just because of the cause but from the experiences that FFK provides for everyone. The FFK team has made me feel like part of the family & I highly recommend others to join the FFK team!

Danielle G. (Intern)

I’ve never felt connected or valued as a volunteer until I started serving with Future for KIDS. They do an amazing job of making you part of the team and connecting you to the resources you need. They truly exemplify what it means to be a professional in the field. They’re able to combine that professionalism with their passion to help kids and young adults into an unstoppable powerhouse of action. They love what they do and it makes you want to do the best that you can to help them in their mission. Truly an amazing organization.

Halie A. (Intern)

I absolutely love Future for KIDS.  I have volunteered for them in every area, from the office to out in the field. It is run by the most hardworking and dedicated women I have ever met and their passion is evident from the moment you step through the door.  If you are looking for an organization that educates and inspires children then you have found it.  Future for KIDS is so unique in that it focuses on improving each child’s skills in not only academics but in their ethical reasoning and in their athletic abilities as well.

Nick (Mentor)

Volunteering for Future for Kids helped me as much as it helped the children the program seeks to aid.  As someone who had never really experienced being in a leadership role throughout high school it was empowering and encouraging to be such a huge influence on the kids.

Margeaux P. (Intern)

The Future for KIDS “Discover your Future” mentorship program ended up being the most rewarding experience I have ever had because you can plainly see the impact you are making on someone’s life.

Jennifer H. (Intern)

My great experience with Future for Kids started from an internship program back in 2012. My heart and drive has always been inspired to give, help and reach out. Future for Kids had opened that door to allow me to accomplish what my heart desired all along. As an intern I had the pleasure to work with an amazing group of staff, in several after school programs in different pockets of the community, and assist with numerous fundraising events. The opportunity to be a part of this non-profit organization is a rewarding experience and my service to give back is well cherished.

Julia (Mentor)

When I signed up to volunteer with Future for KIDS, I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do.  The time I get to spend with the kids is one of my favorite times of the week. It’s so refreshing to be surrounded by all of those eager eyes and bright smiles. I truly believe that I benefit/learn from them just as much as they do from me. Future for KIDS is definitely something I plan to stay involved with in the future.

Sasha G. (Intern)

Being a part of the Future for KIDS team has truly been an incredible experience for me.  It was great to be able to talk with the kids at the program sites and learn about their lives, share stories, and see their progression from the first week to the last.  The time I have spent with Future for Kids has been an immeasurable value to my life. I was able to work with amazing kids that taught me about myself, gain a first-hand look into the daily functions of a successful nonprofit, and learn more about myself than I expected. I now have a new sense of confidence when moving forward in my education and career and am incredibly thankful for the opportunities that Future for Kids has given me.

Amy G. (Intern)

Volunteering at Future for KIDS has been amazing! I have really connected with a small group of girls, and each week when I volunteer I look forward to seeing them and catching up on what they have been up to. I find it rewarding to work with kids on homework. You explain concepts to kids in a different way than their teacher and you watch them have an “a-ha” moment where they suddenly get it, and you know that you have contributed to their success. I especially love coming back each semester and the kids remember me and are excited to see me.

Alexis I. (Intern)

Being a mentor has brought a lot of joy into my life. The Discover your Future program that Future for KIDS has makes a huge impact on both the community and these children. During my time at Future for KIDS I was able to learn a lot of event planning skills and techniques that have extended beyond my time at Future for KIDS. This experience was unlike any other and I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be an intern at FFK. Future for KIDS has truly does an amazing job and I cannot wait to see the company grow and help out more kids in need.

Jennifer C. (Board Member)

Future for KIDS is an amazing non-profit. I think it is amazing that so many sponsors support this organization and make it possible to host a FREE sports camp for at-risk youth.  As a mentor to the children Future for KIDS serves, I have been blessed to get know the kids we work to support. Future for KIDS does it all right. I am so lucky to help serve the mission!

Seema P. (Intern)

I absolutely love Future for Kids! I originally started with the non-profit organization as an intern and then continued as a volunteer. I can tell you each one of their employees, board members and volunteers truly care about serving their mission and helping at risk children through academics, athletics and ethics. I enjoyed all the years I spent volunteering with Future for Kids.

Jamie (Mentor)

Future for KIDS is a blast! I had fun while I was doing the right thing. This was such a fulfilling experience and it really puts my values in order and gives me the right perspective to live my life. A few hours a week can make a huge difference. I felt better about myself, knowing that I was making a positive difference in the community. This is truly one of the most beneficial experiences for both the mentors and mentees.

What the Community is Saying About Us

Kendre (DYF Program Partner)

Christine is a single, older Mom of two girls, Venus and Luna living at Coral Canyon, Native American Connection’s low income housing. Christine told us that she is very grateful for Future for KIDS programs because she is seeking to develop a healthier mindset and create a better environment for her girls. Christine’s daughters have social and emotional challenges and act up. As a concerned Mom with few resources, she is very appreciative of the support Future for KIDS provides her girls. Strong young adult role models that are close in age to her daughters have been key to help the girls through the stresses they are dealing with. Having a Mentor who can relate to similar issues has been a key to helping Christine create positive change in their family environment. Submitted by Kendre (DYF Program Partner - NAC Coral Canyon) on behalf of a Parent

Peggy Wilson

I was looking for a local charity and found Future For Kids! They are doing amazing work for at risk youth, all over the metro area! I have had the opportunity to give some time in the business office, and the staff is so very dedicated! And, I have never met a Director of a non-profit, with more enthusiasm and drive, than Madonna Bistany. She, the entire staff, and the many volunteers (mostly young, college students), work tirelessly on a very limited budget. It has been my honor to become involved with such a terrific group of people, and see the wonderful work they are doing!!!

Jana Jones Laily, Camp Chaperone

I wanted to Thank you and the entire group of volunteers that were a part of the sports day on Saturday May 30th. It was truly a phenomenal experience. Everyone was incredibly kind and helpful. I was a chaperone for the group of kids from Phoenix Children’s Project, and this was my first experience with Future for Kids. The smiles and laughter that went on all day was pure joy. It was incredible to watch all those kids end the day with more energy than when they started. The 7 kids that I brought could not have had any more fun and they wanted to share with their friends and family what they did and learned. I felt very comfortable knowing all the kids where looked after by the incredible group of volunteers that poured their heart and soul into the kids. I look forward to next year. Many thanks.

Michelle D. (Community Member)

As a non-profit professional with over 26 years experience in the non-profit field, I can honestly say that Future for KIDS is one of the best non-profit organizations I have had the privilege of working with. Future for KIDS (FFK) is one of the most effectively and efficiently operated non-profit organizations in the state of Arizona. The level of professionalism, expertise and excellence that the Executive Director, staff members and Board members exhibit is exemplary. We have partnered with FFK for the last four years and the benefit their programs provide our Boys & Girls Club members cannot be captured. We have a partnership made in heaven! We have the youth and teen members and we have the facilities. FFK has the trained mentors and the proven programs. Together, we are able to provide youth with academic success, mentoring and healthy lifestyles programming with a deeper impact than either organization could do alone. Our missions are very similar, as we both work with the under-served youth, helping to prepare them for a successful future. FFK helps our Boys & Girls Club members have the positive, life-changing experiences and opportunities they need to realize their full potential and become productive, caring and responsible citizens. I am a big fan of FFK and endorse this non-profit organization as one of the best of the best!