Leaders Embrace Knowledge, Achieve Goals, & Dream Big (LEAD)

Cultivating Teens to Become Community Leaders

LEAD is free out-of-school time (OST) enrichment program designed to develop strong peer leaders among program participants (7th – 8th grade), along-side the support of a caring, supportive adult mentor.  The goals of LEAD are:

  • To develop strong Peer leaders
  • To create a strong peer leadership team
  • To improve self-efficacy among youth participants
  • To improve school attendance and participation

Free to participants, LEAD is offered two hours, once a week for up to 15 youth at each partner location across the Valley.

Do you have 2 hours, once a week to make a difference in a child’s life?

Become a Mentor Today!

In middle school, students face demanding academics as well as deal with the challenges of meeting social and developmental benchmarks as they are in a transitional period between both elementary and high school. 

Out-of-school time programs can provide an avenue for helping students successfully navigate these challenges while building skills necessary for academic success, peer relationship management, and fostering positive attitudes toward community and school (SEDL, 2008). 

The LEAD program relies on trained, caring adults from the community to support youth in need of positive adult relationships, helping to reestablish trust, build resiliency among youth, and create a new concept of self, others, and their future.  Through adult mentorship, Future for KIDS strives to grow effective peer to peer mentorship to strengthen youth’s confidence and resiliency by helping them cultivate their own moral principles, as well as fostering their own unique leadership potential. The ripple effect is this: