Future For KIDS Board Meeting Election Results!

The Future For KIDS Board met for the fourth and final time of 2016 on Tuesday, November 15 to elect new officers. We are so pleased to announce the results!

Longtime Future For KIDS volunteer and Board Member Chris Rossi was elected to Board Chair. We are so thankful for his leadership and cannot wait to see what he will accomplish over the next two years!

“I’m very thankful for this opportunity and look forward to the next two years. I think we will accomplish a lot,” said Chris.

Jim Kebert was elected to be Vice Chair while also taking on a role as Treasurer for a second term.  Adam Fullerton will serve as Treasurer-in-Training under Jim.

We are very excited for this exciting new chapter of Future For KIDS.  While we look forward to the future, we also want to thank Tim Hyde for his leadership as Board Chair for the past three years. He has accomplished a great deal and helped our organization to grow and thrive. Tim’s new role will be Volunteer Mentor to the kids in Mesa and Past Chair, where he will serve as an adviser.

Future For KIDS is looking forward to 2017 and working with this amazing Team of Officers and our dynamic Board of Directors.