“Discover Your Future” Partner Application

Do you have groups of youth in grades 1-6 who would benefit from a free 2-hour after-school enrichment program?

Future for KIDS is currently identifying new community partners to host our program beginning Fall 2016.  If you are interested in having our “Discover Your Future” after-school enrichment program at your facility, please fill out the partner application form.

Future for KIDS “Discover Your Future” program is a free 2-hour after-school enrichment program that consists of 1 hour of homework assistance, followed by 1 hour of fitness & sports activities. Our program can accommodate up to 50 children grades 1-6.

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Please provide general demographics on the children & families at your site.

How many children do your predict will be in attendance during the program (2 hours once a week, we can accommodate up to 50 children per location)?

What is the preferred day for the Discover Your Future after-school enrichment program to be held at your facility?
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Will the hours of 3:00-5:00PM (1st hour homework assistance, 2nd hour fitness activities) be a suitable time for our Discover Your Future Program to be held at your facility?

If not, please specify what time would work best & why.

Would you be able to market this partnership prior to and during the program?

If yes, please state how you would market our program.

What other after school programs do you offer at your facility?

How many staff members will be on site when Future for Kids is at your site?

Briefly explain why Future for Kids should select your site to host our Discover Your Future after-school program.